Project - JAWABU

The client - BRITAM
Britam is a leading diversified financial services group, listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The group has interests across the Eastern and Southern Africa region, with operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Mozambique and Malawi. The group offers a wide range of financial products and services in Insurance, Asset management, Banking and Property. BRITAM aims to provide our clients, with an unmatched offering, ensuring first class solutions that help secure the future.

Britam has embarked on a technology led Enterprise Transformation Program, redefining the organization's business procedures & the supporting technology layer. In order to maintain a tight integration between the components Britam have selected the Oracle Application Suite to support the core business requirements selecting SIEBEL for the CRM enabling the organization manage its client experience & several Oracle Business applications for supporting multiple business requirements. To achieve this, trusted infrastructure that is dynamic, scalable & flexible enough to support both mission critical work & the development and deployment of new workloads.

Symphony offered solution based on IBM POWER Servers & Storage boxes to help businesses, lower infrastructure implementation and maintenance costs, improve insight and capitalize on opportunities. The POWER processor contains innovative technologies that maximize performance, based on workloads and computing needs. IBM POWER processor makes it possible for multi-applications to run faster with fewer processors, resulting in lower per core software licensing costs. IBM maintains leadership in the UNIX market and has made significant investments in securing a strong roadmap. Symphony’s advantage lies in the integration skills for installing, enabling & fine tuning of systems with additional features.

The final result is an IT infrastructure environment that allows Britam to be independent in the management and growth of their business, through the use of IBM enterprise servers & storages. It reflects management commitment for growth & availability thus ensuring the organization to meet the needs of customer & introduce new services & enhance customer experience.