The Client – National Bank of Rwanda

The Client – National Bank of Rwanda
The National Bank of Rwanda is the Central Bank of the Republic of Rwanda. It was established by the law of 24th April 1964 and came into force from 19th May 1964. As per the law n° 55/2007 of 30/11/2007, the National Bank of Rwanda is a Public institution with legal personality and independence in operations, administration and financial areas. Its mission is to ensure price stability and a sound financial system and it’s vision to become a world-Class Central Bank.


  1. Supply, install and maintain hardware and software necessary to implement the new Modular Data Centre at the Disaster Site (Rwamagana Branch).
  2. Provide detailed documentation on configuration and parameterization of equipment provided.
  3. The support and transfer of skills to BNR Technicians and Engineers before, during and after the work of implementation.
  4. The provision of technical documentation for hardware and software provided.