Large Enterprise

With over 39 years of experience, Symphony undertakes large-scale enterprise projects for both business organizations and government agencies. These projects typically involve the handling of massive amounts of data and a large number of concurrent users. They therefore require robust hardware and software components, as well as implementation and project management expertise.

Symphony typically partners with world-class hardware & software vendors, & carries out integration & implementation on the customer’s site, applying our tested & experienced project management skills, to deliver the project on time & on budget. We have carried out & delivered such large-scale enterprise solutions successfully, for a no of enterprise and government clients, both within Kenya, & the East African.

ICT Infrastructure Solutions


Symphony offers the latest technology, delivering end-to-end ICT infrastructure solutions. These range in complexity and scale & include solutions such as High-End Servers, Storage, Networking & Security, Virtualization, & UPS power backup solutions.

Our experienced team of experts is dedicated to meeting customer demands throughout the project. As the Information Technology revolution takes shape in our region, Symphony will help you keep abreast with the changing times.

Data Center Solutions

Infrastructure needs are growing and organizations have challenges in managing the different assets. Organizations are looking to transform and consolidate their data centers to meet business needs i.e. minimize risk and maximize efficiency while improving productivity. Symphony can help you plan for and setup a data center with reduced footprints, optimized infrastructure with minimum risk.

Symphony offers a full portfolio of integrated data center services where we work with you to assess your existing infrastructure and provide solutions that support even mission-critical environments. Symphony has the capacity to deliver end-to-end datacenter solutions,

from design of an empty hall to a fully functioning data center, complete with A/C, partitions, raised floor, access control security, networking, power supply cabling and back-up power installation (UPS). In addition, we also offer services including but not limited to Data Center Audit, Server Administration, Database Administration, Network & Security Administration, Backup and Storage Administration, UPS Support and Maintenance. We give you the agility to migrate to newer market leading technologies with minimum disruptions, faster time to market and greater operational effectiveness with IT optimizations Transform your data center to meet your business objectives with Symphony.

Printing Solution

No matter what your business, there is a Lexmark device that's right for you. Symphony, in partnership with Lexmark, can deliver printing solutions which not only produce one of the highest quality print jobs, but are also pocket friendly for both small workgroups and medium/large workgroups.

Lexmark printers and smart MFPs for medium and large workgroups are crafted for teams of ten or more – or any size group printing more than 3,000 pages per month.

These powerful devices offer unprecedented print speeds, advanced features and solutions integration. Industry-leading input/output capacity, high-yield toner cartridges and long-life imaging components reduce downtime and keeps work flowing in demanding output environments. Every aspect of our new color printers and MFPs is touched by innovation, cost efficiency, and best-in-class results. Now you can enhance industry specific workflows with crisp brilliant color.

High End Servers

Tomorrow’s challenges cannot be met with yesterday’s solutions. Symphony has supplied High-End servers to some of the largest corporates in East Africa. Our High End Servers are engineered for secure data serving and modern applications, capable of massive transaction volumes, unprecedented scale and built not to fail or crack—ever. Stop running hundreds or thousands of servers, adding cost, complexity, latency, and vulnerability. It’s time for a change. Symphony has partnered with IBM and Lenovo and brings to you the best and most cost effective solution for your environment.

Networking Solution

Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications. As a Cisco Business Partner, Symphony specializes in the design, implementation and management of Internet Protocol (IP) based networking solutions. At Symphony we have the know-how and experience to create secure Network solutions that allow individuals, organizations and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage