Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

Data visualization is the key objective of Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics solutions. The BI and Advanced Analytics technologies today are able to provide data visualization that goes beyond the provision of reports and dashboards. This is possible because these technologies come with tools that use sophisticated modeling techniques to predict future events or discover patterns which cannot be detected otherwise. With such tools businesses/organizations today are not only able to focus on business intelligence which helps to measure their past performance and guide business planning but they are also able to go beyond that and analyze their data to answer questions including “Why is this happening?”, “What if these trends continue?”, “What will happen next?”, (prediction), “What is the best that can happen?” (Optimization). This ability helps uncover deep insights that yield measurable business impact and which (insights) the organization may not have imagined before.

Many organizations around the world are using these capabilities to mine deep insights from structured data resident in the databases of their internal business and operational systems as well as unstructured data (big data) from their social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and others. This way many have transformed their businesses and gained competitive advantage over their peers.

However, while many organizations in East Africa already use and operationalize some form of business intelligence applications within their business processes to leverage their data assets, the true potential of data is still untouched in many organizations. Advanced analytics, particularly predictive analytics, can help reveal the future and optimize operations.

In a nutshell, data has zero value sitting in a database unused. Fully integrating data visualization capabilities into a broadened BI strategy can create opportunities to improve the organization’s bottom line. It is time to consider new possibilities.

Symphony can help you in your efforts to establish data visualization and analytics platform in your organization in order to discover new possibilities to transform your business.

Symphony is a Gold IBM Partner and has been an IBM Partner for various IBM technologies for more than 20 years. Symphony also has skills and expertise in implementing BI and Advanced Analytics technologies from IBM including IBM Cognos (BI Analytics), IBM SPSS (Predictive Analytics) and IBM Data Warehouse development tools including DB2, IBM DataStage and QualityStage which comprise the tools for data Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL).

IBM is a leader in the BI and Advanced Analytics technologies which are proven and highly rated worldwide.

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